Project Management

The size and complexity of certain projects might demand a better and more efficient management in planning and administration than the one operating within the traditional system, Where such demand exists, a project manager who might be an individual or a group of individuals will be employed to carry out these functions/roles.

  • Drawing up the client’s brief
  • Advice on the appointment and selections of the design team
  • Drawing up programme of activities
  • Co-ordinating the activities of all parties
  • Monitoring Progress to achieve the desired objectives
  • Making sure project is completed on time.
  • Ensuring that specifications are adhered to and the quality delivered agrees with cost
  • Assisting in formulating operations and maintenance policy after completion.
  • Where project is commercially oriented advising on letting procedure and means.

In the Construction Industry, Quantity Surveyors are frequently being employed as project managers to perform such roles.
In addition to the above , the firm can perform the following as listed, for these different arrangements.